zaterdag 17 december 2011

Wanted items

Some musical items I'm looking for...
Anyone's Daughter - any 7" single
Awakening - Two Worlds (LP)
Awakening - Sanctified (LP or CD)
Awakening - Into Thy Hands (CD)
Death Organ - 9 To 5 (CD)
Kay Hoffmann - (LP or CD)
IQ - No love lost (7")
IQ - Drive on (7" and CDs)
It Bites - Thank You And Goodnight (picture LP)
Kansas - any 7” singles (except "Power", the Spanish "People of the south wind" and the Dutch "Dust in the wind")
Jack Lancaster - Peter And The Wolf (CD)
Kerry Livgren - When Things Get Electric (CD)
Magnum - Live Marquee (double live 7")
Marillion - Market Square Heroes (7”)
Marillion - Script Of A Jester’s Tear (LP, picture disc)
Marillion - Fugazi (LP, picture disc)
Marillion - Curtain Call (6CD box, fan club release)
Mastedon - It’s A Jungle Out There (CD - either version)
Mastedon - Lofcaudio (CD)
Loreena McKennitt - Mask & Mirror (limited first edition 2CD including bonus live disc)
Mongol - Dopler 444 (CD)
Motherlode - The Sanctuary (CD or LP)
Motherlode - Downtown (7”)
Motherlode - Wiseman (7”)
Steinhardt-Moon - same (CD)
Timothy Pure - The Fabric Of Betrayal (CD)
Timothy Pure - Bones Of Ghosts (CD)
All Angels Gone - Quietly (CD)
Kampai - Land Of The Free (CD)
Kampai - Phantasmorgia (CD)
Kayak - See See The Sun (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Kayak (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Merlin (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Eyewitness (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Periscope Life (CD, Mercury)
Lens - Sketches (CD, 1997)
Helmut Teubner - Heaven’s Light (either CD version)
Urban Trapeze - Reactivated Tarkus (CD)
Unexpect - Fables Of The Sleepless Empire (CD)
Gentle Giant - Power and the Glory (CD)

Popol Vuh/Ace - Quiche Maya (CD)
Popol Vuh/Ace - Stole from time (CD)
PRKLZ - Deuce (CD)
PRKLZ - any demo
Ragnarök (pre-PRKLZ) - any demo
Proto-Kaw – Forth (CD, preferably special edition)
Styx – same (CD)
Styx - Serpent is rising (CD)
Styx - Man of miracles (CD)
Styx - Caught in the act (CD)

Serious offers (trade, sale) are welcome at the jurassic mail address! The list will be updated more or less regularly, so please take a look once in a while...

donderdag 15 december 2011

FUJR on Facebook

Trying out this other medium. Comments, advice and tips welcome. For now I'm mainly fooling around and testing possibilities.

Take a look at:

zondag 13 november 2011

More new chapters

And yet two more. The first is the appendix to the K chapter with all the "related" bands and acts. Including a whole load of pictures (and a Mick Karn entry that should have been in the proper chapter, to be honest - my mistake).

The second is a temporary version of D.

As always downloadable for free.

Get the K-appendix here.

Get the temporary D chapter here.

zondag 23 oktober 2011

New (temporary) chapters and re-uploads

In order to bridge the period until I finally have time to finish certain letters (which may take years) I decided to upload temporary versions of all chapters in the near futures. These chapters will not have any pictures, there will be incomplete and unfinished entries and some entries may be missing at all. Never mind that, I believe this temporary fix will give you as a reader a better and more complete picture (what with the cross references and all). Watch these pages for more updates soon to come. For now there's the B and C, warts 'n all...

Get the temporary B chapter here.

Get the temporary C chapter here.

I've also re-uploaded most old files to Megaupload since my Rapidshare account will be cancelled soon. New links below:






A appendix

X including appendix

File Under Symfo

I've not yet re-upped the Background Magazine files due to time restraints. Contact me if you want one or more of those!

As always: enjoy! And feedback most welcome...

zondag 2 oktober 2011

K chapter available!

Hope you all had a good summer. Here's a fine start for the autumn: the K chapter. This time I tried something new: I collected all of the pictures at the end of the book (after the index). Just an experiment, might make it easier for me to do updates in the future.

Nearly 100 pages of text, and about 115 pages with pictures in addition. Because of the size of the file with pictures I decided to do a text only version as well. Roughly 265 entries in both, something like 465 reviews and in the picture edition you will find around 1.000 (cover) pictures.

Get it:

Text only (3,5 MB)

Picture edition (88 MB)


zondag 29 mei 2011

Y appendix

Here's another small one, rounding up the artists starting with Y. Get it free here.

Next update probably not before after early autum. Have to do some bits and pieces on the K and L chapters and there are many other things to take care of as well...

zondag 22 mei 2011

Yes! - Y-Chapter online

The newest chapter is online. Despite the fact that the singer of Hungarian proggers You And I graces the cover, it is very much a celebration of one of the best progressive rock groups of all times: Yes, with many, many pictures of their releases. But then... You And I of course took their name from Yes as well!

Nearly 100 pages, about 80 entries, over 100 reviews and around 500 pictures. And it's a biggie: 34 MB. Get it here, or by clicking the picture!


woensdag 11 mei 2011

U appendix

And here is the relatively small appendix to the U-chapter.

Get it here, or by clicking on the picture.

Watch out for the Y, coming in a few weeks time... text is finished, just have to do the layout!

maandag 9 mei 2011

U Chapter online!

Took a tad longer than expected (I have a full-time job besides this...) but here is the first chapter of 2011 and more to follow rather soon!

Proudly presenting 'U'. About 105 entries, 200 pictures and 125 reviews. As usual including full artists index.

Get it here, or by clicking on the picture. Enjoy!

dinsdag 3 mei 2011

The next chapter

Good news - chapter U is nearly complete, doing layout right now. And the Y-chapter will follow in fairly short time!

Progress on K and L is excellent, but will not be published before the summer vacation, I'm afraid.

Watch these pages for more news soon...

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Thanks to Progwereld!

For those who can understand Dutch or have the desire to try to understand the language... Please check out the interview at Progwereld.