donderdag 13 december 2012

2012 review

A quick look back on the musical year. Below a list that could be my Top 10 over 2012... In no particular order.

Änglagård - Viljans Öga
Rick Wakeman - Journey to the centre of the earth (2012 Studio Recording)
Ian Anderson - TAAB2
Elephant 9 - Atlantis
Ihsahn - Eremita
It Bites - Map Of The Past
Motorpsycho & Ståle Storløkken - The Death Defying Unicorn
Orgel Vreten - The Merciless Hammond Battle
Rush - Clockwork Angels
The Samuel Jackson Five - The Samuel Jackson Five

Bubbling under we find o.a. Dead Can Dance, Storm Corrosion, Squackett, Om and Muse, the second side of the DeWolff LP and the first CD of Arjen Lucassen's double set.

Okay, good actually, but not qualified for the Top list: Headspace, Neal Morse, Saga, Flying Colors and Coheed And Cambria.

Some comments:

2012 apparently was an orchestral year. Jon Lord made a fine new version of his Concerto, Emerson returns to the scene with his fine Three Fates Project (both Lord and Three Fates are in the bubbling under section too), Rush even worked with an orchestra on Clockwork Angels and Wakeman topped them all with the renewed version of Journey that finally sounds like it should have done in 1974.

(English) neo prog leaves me rather cold lately. It Bites brought a very fine album, but others like Galahad and Big Big Train aren't on my shopping list, despite raving reviews. I guess I'll pick them up eventually when I come across them cheap and second hand, and then I'll may regret not buying them earlier, but hey... priorities...

I'm looking forward to reading the novels based on Clockwork Angels. This year I read the Terra Nova trilogy by Kevin Anderson and was highly impressed (it was IMHO much better than the two CDs based on these books).

Hmm... again 40% of my Top 10 list is Norwegian. Slight chauvinism by an immigrant?

zaterdag 1 december 2012

More Temporary Chapters Online!

Before the serious work on the Q, V, W and Z chapters starts, I've found time to upload the temporary versions for the N, O and P chapters (including appendices).

Find them here:

N Chapter
O Chapter
P Chapter

And enjoy!