zaterdag 17 december 2011

Wanted items

Some musical items I'm looking for...
Anyone's Daughter - any 7" single
Awakening - Two Worlds (LP)
Awakening - Sanctified (LP or CD)
Awakening - Into Thy Hands (CD)
Death Organ - 9 To 5 (CD)
Kay Hoffmann - (LP or CD)
IQ - No love lost (7")
IQ - Drive on (7" and CDs)
It Bites - Thank You And Goodnight (picture LP)
Kansas - any 7” singles (except "Power", the Spanish "People of the south wind" and the Dutch "Dust in the wind")
Jack Lancaster - Peter And The Wolf (CD)
Kerry Livgren - When Things Get Electric (CD)
Magnum - Live Marquee (double live 7")
Marillion - Market Square Heroes (7”)
Marillion - Script Of A Jester’s Tear (LP, picture disc)
Marillion - Fugazi (LP, picture disc)
Marillion - Curtain Call (6CD box, fan club release)
Mastedon - It’s A Jungle Out There (CD - either version)
Mastedon - Lofcaudio (CD)
Loreena McKennitt - Mask & Mirror (limited first edition 2CD including bonus live disc)
Mongol - Dopler 444 (CD)
Motherlode - The Sanctuary (CD or LP)
Motherlode - Downtown (7”)
Motherlode - Wiseman (7”)
Steinhardt-Moon - same (CD)
Timothy Pure - The Fabric Of Betrayal (CD)
Timothy Pure - Bones Of Ghosts (CD)
All Angels Gone - Quietly (CD)
Kampai - Land Of The Free (CD)
Kampai - Phantasmorgia (CD)
Kayak - See See The Sun (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Kayak (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Merlin (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Eyewitness (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Periscope Life (CD, Mercury)
Lens - Sketches (CD, 1997)
Helmut Teubner - Heaven’s Light (either CD version)
Urban Trapeze - Reactivated Tarkus (CD)
Unexpect - Fables Of The Sleepless Empire (CD)
Gentle Giant - Power and the Glory (CD)

Popol Vuh/Ace - Quiche Maya (CD)
Popol Vuh/Ace - Stole from time (CD)
PRKLZ - Deuce (CD)
PRKLZ - any demo
Ragnarök (pre-PRKLZ) - any demo
Proto-Kaw – Forth (CD, preferably special edition)
Styx – same (CD)
Styx - Serpent is rising (CD)
Styx - Man of miracles (CD)
Styx - Caught in the act (CD)

Serious offers (trade, sale) are welcome at the jurassic mail address! The list will be updated more or less regularly, so please take a look once in a while...

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