zondag 23 oktober 2011

New (temporary) chapters and re-uploads

In order to bridge the period until I finally have time to finish certain letters (which may take years) I decided to upload temporary versions of all chapters in the near futures. These chapters will not have any pictures, there will be incomplete and unfinished entries and some entries may be missing at all. Never mind that, I believe this temporary fix will give you as a reader a better and more complete picture (what with the cross references and all). Watch these pages for more updates soon to come. For now there's the B and C, warts 'n all...

Get the temporary B chapter here.

Get the temporary C chapter here.

I've also re-uploaded most old files to Megaupload since my Rapidshare account will be cancelled soon. New links below:






A appendix

X including appendix

File Under Symfo

I've not yet re-upped the Background Magazine files due to time restraints. Contact me if you want one or more of those!

As always: enjoy! And feedback most welcome...

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