woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Background Magazine - some old issues

Last weekend I've been organizing some old (and not quite so old) harddiscs and came across a load of Background Magazine files, partly scans of really old issues in the making, mostly however pdf pages.

I've assembled the pages that belonged together in the respective files respresenting a complete or partly complete issue which are now available for download.

Please be aware that the quality of the files may differ. Some are based on scans (and thus not searchable), some are in screen quality (and thus in a comfortable file size), some are high/press quality files (and thus enormously big).

Leafing through the material was quite fun and a satisfying experience too. I've been involved in pretty much all of the issues I uploaded now - first as writer/reviewe, later as main editor or editor. Some really good stuff there. Most of it ends also up in the book eventually in one way or another (compare for example the Anyone's Daughter story with the entry in the book!). But there are also many great things you will find only here. Like Maurice's great layout from BM 84 onwards (he was definitely better at it than I was), the Prog In Russia series by Dave McConnell (also presented as a seperate file), and obviously the coolest special ever: Prog & Sex. Check issue 81 for that one!

Available so far:

Issue 45 (without title page)
Issue 46 (incomplete)
Issue 52 (incomplete)

There are scans of really 'old' issues in the making. Quite interesting though as you can see some of the production in progress...

From my period as main editor: (all below are proper pdf files)

Issue 70 (only a couple of pages found, so far)
Issue 78 (one blank page, beats me why)
And after the change of Main Editor:

Issue 84
Issue 85
Beware - these files are really big (between 50 and 80 MB). But in superb printing quality and with great layout.

Some pages may be blank, by the way. These were mostly pages with advertisements I didn't have available here... Must be on the original CDrs in the Background Archives somewhere...
And the Prog In Russia special in two files:

Part 1 - 7 with layout
Part 8 - 10 without layout (hope to find the final versions soon...)
Have fun!

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